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If the manual is any longer than 4 pages.
This may determine not only the content, but the style the user manual takes.
Unless the user has a technical background, it is probably best to brother mfc-420cn all-in-one inkjet printer manual avoid highly technical language in favor of clear, simple explanations.Tips Make use of field codes or text variables where possible.Both Photoshop and screen capture programs like SnagIt are graphic editing programs, not computer-aided-drafting programs.Part 2 Arranging User Manual Components 1, include the appropriate cover and title pages.Understand user needs: plan research, prepare for sessions, share and analyse findings.3 Consider the type of binding for the user manual.Question Do I need an acronym list?Thats exactly what you need when working with screen captures, though.Score 0 / 0, never, because theres always a more user-friendly way to phrase something.If you're using multiple graphic images in procedures, make them a consistent size, either in the same dimensions of length and width or in the same proportional reduction from their original size.
Breaking information down this way is called "chunking.".
Office technology, and finally we have some office technology manuals in the database, too.

Word-processing and desktop publishing programs also offer the ability to create "styles preset font and point-size formats for headers, footers, headings, and body text.Name (optional) Include your name and email address if you'd like us to get back to you.When you preview or print the manual, the text will fill in for the variable.Serif fonts feature small embellishment lines at the ends of the main strokes that form the letter.Theres no good reason for this kind of manual to be spiral-bound, as stitching will do the job just fine.Just because a manual is lengthy doesnt mean it should be spiral bound.Okay #10006, part 1 Creating Appropriate User Documentation 1, define who your user.Allow reasonably ample margins on all sides, with extra space on the edges that will be bound together.You can select one of the defined style names (e.g., "Heading1 "Normal "quot; or create your own style with its own name.How much experience users have with the product or others like.Yes this page is useful, no this page is not useful.Score 0 / 0 If the manual is on how to use a piece of construction equipment.Procedures should be written in a consistent structure throughout the instruction section of the manual.
For more complex procedures, use images or screenshots to give the user visual confirmation that theyre performing the steps correctly.
An acronym list is useful if the manual has a lot of abbreviations and acronyms; however, its use should be avoided as during the manual writing you should avoid the "abusive" use of acronyms.

2, write and format in a way that all users can understand.