Along with their other recent cameras, the Sony DSC-W1 has one of the cleanest user interfaces I've seen, and will present few challenges to even the most novice user.
The Sony DSC-W1's optical viewfinder was a little tight, showing about 82 percent frame accuracy at wide angle, and about 86 percent at telephoto.
Multi-Burst slow motion mode.
Overall, an excellent "all around" camera, with impressive speed and resolution.Soft snap mode enhances skin colors while keeping a soft focus for a pleasing glow.Camera Modes and Menus Scene Modes : Marked on the Mode dial with a black line these modes are for capturing images in specific situations.When Playback zoom is enabled, all four arrows scroll around within the enlarged view, while pressing the center button returns to the normal, 1x display.Sophisticated Yet Simple, the W1 is built manual muscle sl rotation for photographers who want to capture great images through a host of automatic features to help balance light and exposure, but who also want the option to manually control the picture-taking process.The mode dial's presence on top surrounding the shutter button is both good and bad.USB Connect : Sets the USB connection type to PictBridge, PTP, or Normal.Conversion Lens Adapter: The outer ring of the cameras lens can be removed so that the camera can accommodate various conversion lenses.It's not bad, just a questionable place to put your multi-hundred dollar Memory Stick Pro.(I highly recommend purchasing a large memory card along with the Sony DSC-W1, so you'll have plenty of room to store its high-resolution image files.The 3x zoom lens (with Macro mode) is great for recording a wide range of subjects, from close-up portraits to scenic vistas.When not in use, the telescoping zoom lens retracts neatly inside the body, and a small plastic leaf shutter automatically closes over the lens to protect.
( secondary screen ) Print : Prints the current image.
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Mode : Sets capture mode, Normal (single Burst, and Multi-burst.Its silvery metal body is about as wide as a typical business card, and about a quarter inch taller, top to bottom.The LCD display reports a variety of camera and exposure settings, including the aperture and shutter speed settings (a nice bonus for those interested in how the camera will expose the image) and a three-stage battery gauge.Shutter speeds from 1/1,000 to 1/8 sec in auto mode; 1/1000 to 2 seconds in twilight mode; and 1/1000 to 30 seconds in manual mode (with automatic Noise Reduction below 1/6 second).Related Links More Information on this camera from t: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1, Sony Digital Cameras, Digital Cameras Todays Photo of the Day Enter this month to win: 1 300 Adorama Gift Certificate 2 200 Adorama Gift Certificate 3 100 Adorama Gift Certificate.As was the case with the P100 that I reviewed immediately before it, the Sony DSC-W1 seemed more accurate than most cameras I test, as it required less exposure compensation adjustment under difficult lighting conditions than I've generally found to be the case.Landscape mode sets the focus at infinity and uses a smaller lens aperture to capture sharp details both near and far away.Resolution was high, showing a lot of fine detail in the dollar bill, coins, and brooch (though the coins and brooch are soft due to the close range and limited depth of field).DSC-W1/W12, service manual, ver.2 2004.08, revision History.Test Results Following are my usual condensed notes about the Sony DSC-W1's performance: See the Sony DSC-W1's sample pictures page for a full analysis.Record-Mode Display In record mode, the LCD monitor displays the subject with a moderate amount of overlaid information, indicating approximate battery life remaining (graphically flash mode, focus mode (macro or normal autofocus mode setting, any currently-selected exposure compensation setting, ISO setting, the current size/quality setting.When you start to think about taking a picture, however, the experience quickly becomes all about that wonderful.5 inch LCD display.Argentine Model, brazilian Model, tourist Model Japanese Model DSC-W1/W12 Chinese Model Korea Model printed wiring boards printed wiring boards repair parts list repair parts list and 5-10 to 5-13 2 US Model AEP Model UK Model E Model.
I prefer it a little further forward and perhaps at an angle.