Edit, this is a quick and easy tutorial for Settlers of Catan, a game I only recently discovered, and it has now quickly become my favorite board game.
Note that the game is Java, so if your computer/browser is notorious for having problems with Java.
Edit, note: This is not applicable to land-only maps.
E-mail activation isn't even required.The first settlement you build on a new landmass is worth 1 bonus VP in addition to the VP the settlement already gives, as extra incentive to build out to sea.The person who uncovers the space receives one of the resource uncovered (if it's gold, you get to choose).To start, players roll the dice to see who goes first, then each player takes turns placing a settlement until everyone has two on the board.A Brief Overview of Cities Knights Edit Cities Knights is the expansion to Settlers of Catan, and adds a lot of new elements to the game.Note that if you are offered a trade, and accept, the trader must still finalize the trade, so even if you click accept first they can choose to trade with someone else or decline the trade altogether.List of Development Cards Edit Here, I will list every Development Card that is in a basic Settlers of Catan game.These 2 VP are given to the player who has the longest straight connected road.The robber is placed on any hexagon on the board.Note that the first settlements placed may not be placed on these hidden spaces.Board 8ers once in a while.So I suggested we attempt one of the Cities and Barbarians variants, with Cities and Knights.Infuse even more fun and excitement into your Catan games without sacrificing ease of play.If you get multiple gold resources, you may choose different types of resource, you do not need to choose the same one.Many cards give 1 VP, while others have special actions.
In Xplorers, when you buy a development card, you may not play it on that turn - additionally, you may only play one development card per turn.

The game mechanics are really rather simple, but the strategy is like nothing else I've ever seen in a board game.To do this, you must build ships.Now up to 6 players can share the very rich set of 4 variants and 5 scenarios in Catan: Cities Knights!Gold spaces are usually rare, and either have poor numbers, or are in hard to reach places, such as islands.So, no matter what resources you start with, you can probably make a viable strategy from them.Soldiers also count towards the "Largest Army" bonus (see "Victory Points.The trade window is pretty intuitive - simply make your offer and demand, and other players may accept, decline, or make counter-offers, and then you choose who you want to finalize a trade with (if anyone).In the event of a tie in the strengths, Catan wins.Cities require 3 manuale di teoria patente b 2015 pdf ore and 2 wheat to build, and are placed over any of your settlements.So we got out three boxes, and set up the game, complete with the rivers on the board in place of a few hexes, and the bridges to allow us to cross the rivers (at the cost of two brick one one wood).When building new settlements, go for resources you don't have an income of, or a very small income.Also, as long as the robber stays on that hexagon, no resources may be collected from that hexagon until he is moved away.Ships cost 1 wood and 1 sheep, and work exactly like a road.The Bank and Ports, edit.
Largest Army.

In general, you're going to want to have a nice spread of all five resources - if you can get that, then you definitely have a chance of winning.
Add 1-2 more friends and family for more interaction and more drama!
Don't ignore sheep and ore, either, but I recommend - To go against what I said, though, don't underestimate the strategy of early wheat/sheep/ore resources.