Requires Adobe AIR.5.1 Runtime APIs already installed!
RTV Reconnect.0 beta 8 32-bit TSR automatically pushes up to 50 buttons in ANY Windows 9x/ME application, dialog box or Dial-Up Networking (DUN Direct download 47 KB, freeware, English.RegBak.2 32-bit 64-bit for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 backs up restores entire Registry or separate Registry hives/files, supports multiple backups, compatible with Windows Recovery Console (WRC Direct download 307 KB, freeware.Example of custom.Virtual Desktop Manager 550.Windows System Optimizer Free Edition.0 32-bit for Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003 deletes Internet Cache, Temporary files, Cookies, History, Recycle Bin etc: Direct download.87 MB, crippled freeware.
Editor2 v 32-bit for Windows 9x/NT4/2000/ME/XP/2003 Notepad replacement: opens multiple large text files of ANY size, highly customizable (freeware MetaPad.6 32-bit for Windows Notepad replacement: opens text files of ANY size, supports external viewer, Unix text, clickable hyperlinks, optional quick exit, snazzy status bar.

Synonyms cannot have children keywords (or synonyms) on their own, they are "leaf nodes" on the tree, in other words they lie at the end of a branch in the hierarchy.The program can call a reverse-geocoding service online to retrieve street-level addresses from GPS position and automatically full up the iptc Location fields in one click.GUI uharc (free GPL).Top end professional cameras such as the latest Canon EOS 1D series and Nikon D3 series writes sub-second time information in the image metadata.also in mytips95.TXT (part of W95-11D.EXE for more info.Select your " poison ".WinBar.2 16-bit taskbar crack clone cd 4.2 0.2 serial and shell replacement for Windows/WfWG.1x, the Windows 95/98/ME style, highly customizable, works also with Windows 9x/ME 179 KB, free.Notepad GNU v 32-bit for Windows Notepad replacement: opens multiple large ascii/text/html/INI/source files, supports most programming language formats, syntax highlighting, highly customizable: Direct download.34 MB, free GPL.Safe XP v 32-bit for Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/2003 disables hidden Registry spyware spam: Media Player, MS IE, MS OE, Messenger, System, Error Reporting etc, highly customizable: Direct download 352 KB, freeware.Stackhouse,., 2008: nasa Earth Observations Informing Renewable Energy Management and Policy Decision Making.Note And 1/2.3.0 32-bit discontinued!Stackhouse, 2006: Deriving Long Term High Resolution Solar Irradiances from Low Resolution Archives via Microstructure Patterning.Stackhouse, 2007: Enhancing the Geographical and Time Resolution of nasa SSE Time Series Using Microstructure Patterning.Boot Switcher.0 32-bit for Windows 9x/NT4SP6a/2000/ME/XP/2003 switches among installed Windows OSes on the fly, works with multiple OSes, 3 different boot timeout intervals, provides logoff/restart/shutdown options, Linux compatible, single click Tray menu, highly customizable: Direct download 667 KB, freeware.At the other end of the spectrum, FPV Pro is used by many of iStockphoto ' photo editors (the largest micro stock photo agency in the world) and help streamline their massive daily digital image reviewing tasks.
Is THE ultimate Windows power tool: best and most comprehensive system tweaker and registry "hacker" ; tunes 2000 undocumented hidden settings: GUI, System, Hardware, Software, Personal, DOS, Boot, Disk, Cache, DMA/udma, DirectX, CD/DVD, Explorer, TCP/IP, Internet, Modem, Network, Server, Security, MS IE, MS OE, Mozilla.