This frees your right thumb to control the camera as you wish, or to swing a sword.
Xml from path to your game The Witcher 3 Wild alternate horse controls 'Immersive Cam' improves your horse riding experience by giving you the option to disable automatic camera centering, but 'Alternate Horse Controls' completes the package.
Drill down to the contentscripts folder.( video ) As with the other cameras, the Witcher Sense cam is fully customizable. Hold down A for a second or so to spur Roach immediately to a canter. Didn't you think it was strange how Geralt would speed up as soon as he walked outside and slow down as soon as he walked inside?This excellent, but discontinued, mod has been updated with the latest Witcher 3 script sources and ties in seamlessly with Immersive Cam's other features.
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Configuration: The mod comes with a GUI menu and hotkey toggle for automatic road following.ReaSoft 4 Shareware, reaWatermark lets you create and apply image or text watermarks full games my xbox 360 to your files.For gamepad the hotkey is (Depress Left Stick).For keyboard the hotkey is (Left ctrl). This makes navigating difficult turns and timing obstacle jumps at high speed much game call of duty 2 demo easier.Want Immersive Cam to look just like Close Cam?If you have other mods installed, use.50 OFF on Premium!IN-game camera controls, a picture (or video) is worth a thousands words. It does have much to do with immersion, however, and relies on some of Immersive Cam's core files.Known Issue: Immersive Meditation doesn't work properly with the house bed in Blood Wine.
Updated for patch.30 /.31 (non goty) - - Read the sticky post in the comments section and the ReadMe for more information about updates, mod configuration, and troubleshooting.