Creative Sound Blaster Audigy (CA0100 and CA0101 Chipset).
Adaptec SAS raid 4005SAS, adaptec SAS raid 4800SAS, adaptec SAS raid 4805SAS.The xl(4) driver supports the following carrier thermostat installation manual edge hardware: 3Com 3c900-TPO 3Com 3c900-combo 3Com 3c905-TX 3Com 3c905-T4 3Com 3c900B-TPO 3Com 3c900B-TPC 3Com 3c900B-FL 3Com 3c900B-combo 3Com 3c905B-T4 3Com 3c905B-TX 3Com 3c905B-FX 3Com 3c905B-combo 3Com 3c905C-TX 3Com 3c980, 3c980B, and 3c980C server adapters 3Com 3csoho100-TX OfficeConnect adapters 3Com.SGC-X2UL AX88178: asix AX88178 Belkin F5D5055 Logitec LAN-GTJ/U2A Buffalo (Melco Inc.) LUA3-U2-AGT Planex Communications GU1000T Sitecom Europe LN-028 AX88772: asix AX88772 Buffalo (Melco Inc.) LUA3-U2-ATX D-Link dube100B1 Planex UE-200TX-G Planex UE-200TX-G2 AX88772A: asix AX88772A Cisco-Linksys USB200Mv2 AX88772B: asix AX88772B Lenovo USB.0 Ethernet AX88760: asix.Sparc64 Controllers supported by the esp(4) driver include: melco IFC-DP (PC-98) Sun ESP family Sun FAS family Tekram DC390 Tekram DC390T i386,amd64 The hpt27xx(4) driver supports the following SAS controllers: HighPoint's Rocketraid 271x series HighPoint's Rocketraid 272x series HighPoint's Rocketraid 274x series HighPoint's Rocketraid 276x.Amd64, i386 PC standard parallel ports ( ppc(4) driver) pc98 PC-9821 standard parallel ports ( ppc(4) driver) i386, amd64 PC-compatible joysticks ( joy(4) driver) pc98 Joystick port of SoundBlaster(98) ( joy(4) driver) i386, pc98 PHS Data Communication Card/pccard NTT DoCoMo P-in [email protected] Panasonic KX-PH405 SII.Z8530: Zilog 8530 based serial communications controllers.Adaptec sata raid 2620SA, adaptec sata raid 2810SA, adaptec sata raid 2820SA.The mrsas(4) driver supports the following hardware: Thunderbolt 6Gb/s MR controller LSI Megaraid SAS 9265 LSI Megaraid SAS 9266 LSI Megaraid SAS 9267 LSI Megaraid SAS 9270 LSI Megaraid SAS 9271 LSI Megaraid SAS 9272 LSI Megaraid SAS 9285 LSI Megaraid SAS 9286 dell perc.Cryptographic Accelerators i386,pc98,amd64 The hifn(4) driver supports various cards containing the Hifn 7751, 7951, 7811, 7955, and 7956 chipsets, such as: Invertex aeon Hifn 7751 PowerCrypt XL-Crypt NetSec 7751 Soekris Engineering vpn1201 and vpn1211 Soekris Engineering vpn1401 and vpn1411 i386,pc98,amd64 The safe(4) driver supports cards.There is no midi support for this card.Information on using pointing devices with Xorg can be found at http www.The Farallon EtherWave and EtherMac card came in two varieties.The siis(4) driver supports the following controller chips: SiI3124 (PCI-X 133MHz/64bit, 4 ports) SiI3131 (PCIe.0 x1, 1 port) SiI3132 (PCIe.0 x1, 2 ports) SiI3531 (PCIe.0 x1, 1 port) i386,pc98 Controllers supported by the stg(4) driver include: Adaptec 2920/A Future Domain scsi2GO Future.GN-1200TC (8169S) TP-Link TG-3468 v2 Gigabit Ethernet (8168) USRobotics USR997902 Gigabit Ethernet (8169S) Xterasys XN-152 10/100/1000 NIC (8169) Adapters supported by the rl(4) driver include: Accton Cheetah EN1207D (MPX 5030/5038; RealTek 8139 clone) Allied Telesyn AT2550 Allied Telesyn AT2500TX Belkin F5D5000 buffalo (Melco INC.) LPC-CB-CLX.Intel raid Controller srcu21 (discontinued) Intel raid Controller srcu31 (older revision, not compatible) Intel raid Controller srcu31L (older revision, not compatible) The srcu31 and srcu31L can be updated via a firmware update available from Intel.Pc98 Media Intelligent RSB-384 ( sio(4) driver) Note: "flags 0x16000001" is necessary in kernel configuration.

The age(4) driver provides support for LOMs based on Attansic/Atheros L1 Gigabit Ethernet controller chips, including: asus M2N8-VMX asus M2V asus M3A asus P2-M2A590G asus P5B-E asus P5B-MX/wifi-AP asus P5B-vmse asus P5K asus P5KC asus P5KPL-C asus P5KPL-VM asus P5K-SE asus P5K-V asus P5L-MX asus.Atapi and non-DMA ATA commands executed one by one for each port.USB-scsi-HD 50 USB to scsi cable Motorola E398 Mobile Phone (TransFlash memory card) novac USB2.0.5/3.5-inch HDD Case NV-HD351U PNY Attache Flash Drive Panasonic Matshita FDD CF-vfdu03 Panasonic KXL-CB20AN Portable DVD-ROM/CD-R/RW Panasonic KXL-CB35AN (DVD-ROM CD-R/RW) Panasonic USB2.0 Portable CD-RW Drive KXL-RW40AN (cdrom only) Panasonic floppy.I386,amd64 The snd_envy24ht(4) driver supports the following audio devices: Audiotrak Prodigy.1 Audiotrak Prodigy.1 LT Audiotrak Prodigy.1 XT Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 ESI [email protected] M-Audio Audiophile 192 M-Audio Revolution.1 M-Audio Revolution.1 Terratec Aureon.1 Sky Terratec Aureon.1 Space Terratec Aureon.1.The Farallon 595a cards, which have a red arrow on the front, are also called EtherWave and EtherMac.Serial Interfaces amd64, i386 PC standard 8250, 16450, and 16550-based serial ports ( sio(4) driver) The uart(4) driver supports the following classes of uarts: NS8250: standard hardware based on the 8250, 16450, 16550, 16650, 16750 or the 16950 uarts.Such configurations are not supported by the snd_csa(4) driver yet.Pc98 I-O data RSA-98III ( sio(4) driver) Note: "flags 0x18000?01" is necessary in kernel configuration.I386,amd64 Controllers supported by the ips(4) driver include: IBM Serveraid 3H Serveraid 4L/4M/4H Serveraid Series 5 Serveraid 6i/6M Serveraid 7t/7k/7M Newer Serveraid controllers are supported by the aac(4) or mfi(4) driver.PCM support is limited to 48kHz/16 bit stereo (192kHz/24 bit part of this chipset is not supported).Sound Devices i386,amd64 The snd_ad1816(4) driver supports the following sound cards: Analog Devices AD1816 i386 The snd_als4000(4) driver supports the following sound cards: Avance Logic ALS4000 i386,amd64 The snd_atiixp(4) driver supports the following audio chipsets: ATI IXP 200 ATI IXP 300 ATI IXP 400 sparc64.

Note: amd64, i386, pc98 USB Bluetooth adapters can be found in Bluetooth section.
ConnectX-4 LX supports:10/25/40/50Gb/s speeds (and reduced power consumption) : Mellanox MCX455A-ecat Mellanox MCX456A-ecat Mellanox MCX415A-ccat Mellanox MCX416A-ccat Mellanox MCX455A-fcat Mellanox MCX456A-fcat Mellanox MCX415A-bcat Mellanox MCX416A-bcat Mellanox MCX4131A-gcat Mellanox MCX4131A-bcat Mellanox MCX4121A-acat Mellanox MCX4111A-acat Mellanox MCX4121A-xcat Mellanox MCX4111A-xcat i386,amd64 The msk(4) driver provides support for various.