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Game development essentials: game interface design.epub

Structured Query Language (SQL) Trying SQLite on MacOreparing an iOS Application Project for SQLite Integration Key SQLite Functions Declaring a game SQLite Database pixma Opening or Creating a interface Database Preparing and Executing a SQL Statement Creating a Database Table Extracting Data myofascial from a Database Table Closing.Dynamic Table Views The Table View Delegate and dataSource Table View Styles Table View Cell Styles Table View Cell Reuse Using Xcode 5 Storyboards to Build Dynamic TableViews with Prototype Table View Cells Creating the Example Project Adding the TableView Controller to the Storyboard Creating.An iOS 7 State Preservation and Restoration Tutorial Creating the Example Application Trying the Application without State Preservation Opting-in to State Preservation Setting Restoration Identifiers Encoding and Decoding View Controller State Adding a Navigation masks Controller to the Storyboard Adding the Third View Controller Creating the.A Theory of Fun for Game Design.It myofascial will help you to quickly get started with Cocos2D and guide you through the process of creating a game, giving you the essential skills and knowledge you need to.Working with Files on iOS 7 Creating an NSFileManager Instance Checking for the Existence of a File Comparing the Contents of Two Files Checking if a File is Moving/Renaming a File Copying a File Removing a File Creating a Symbolic Link Reading and Writing Files.Synchronizing iOS 7 Key-Value Data using iCloud An essentials Overview of iCloud Key-Value Data Storage Sharing Data Between Applications Data Storage Restrictions Conflict Resolution Receiving Notification of Key-Value Changes An iCloud Key-Value Data Storage Example Enabling the Application for iCloud Key Value Data Storage Designing the.H File Designing the User Interface Initializing the Arrays Implementing interface the DataSource Protocol Implementing the Delegate Protocol Hiding the Keyboard Testing the Application.An Example iOS 7 Touch, Multitouch and Tap Application The Example iOS 7 Tap and Touch Application Creating the Example iOS Touch Project Designing the User Interface Enabling Multitouch on the View Implementing the touchesBegan Method Implementing the touchesMoved Method Implementing the touchesEnded Method Getting.Also featured are an expanded practice section with a wide variety of real world design examples, coverage of interface design for mobile and motion-sensing devices, multiplayer games, and much more.How to design: Concept Design Process, Styling, Inspiration, and Methodology.An iOS 7 Background Transfer Service Tutorial Creating the Example Project The Method Designing the User Interface Configuring the View Controller Implementing the Session Delegate Methods Testing the Application.An Example iOS 7 UIPageViewController Application The Xcode Page-based Application Template Creating the Project Adding the Content View Controller Creating the Data Model Running the UIPageViewController Application.Who This Book Is For, if you are a game developer with experience in essentials Objective-C and are interested in creating games for iOS or Android, this is the book for you.Preparing an iOS 7 App to use iCloud Storage What is iCloud?The book transitions from discussion to demonstrations of how to implement techniques and concepts into practice by using Unity3D and PlayMaker.Identifying Gestures using iOS 7 Gesture Recognizers The UIGestureRecognizer Class Recognizer Action Messages designepub Discrete and Continuous Gestures Obtaining Data from a Gesture Recognizing Tap Gestures Recognizing Pinch Gestures Detecting Rotation Gestures Recognizing Pan game and Dragging Gestures Recognizing Swipe Gestures Recognizing Long Touch (Touch and Hold). An iOS 7 UIPickerView Example Creating the iOS 7 PickerView Project UIPickerView Delegate and DataSource The PickerViewController.
An easy-to-follow primer on the fundamentals of digital game design The quickly evolving mobile market is spurring digital game creation into the stratosphere, interface with revenue from games exceeding that of the film industry.

You will also find out how to game development essentials: game interface design.epub make your game interactive, as the book explores how to accept input touches and the accelerator.
Installing Xcode 5 and the iOS 7 SDK Identifying if you have an Intel or PowerPC based Mac Installing Xcode 5 and the iOS 7 SDK Starting Xcode.