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After you have selected the area that you want to keep, double-click inside the area to crop.Starting with Frame 2, activate the "rays" layer.Make sure you are choosing " Images Only " as Type.Here are the highlights for each of the three key categories of tools: Select: The following kyocera slider se44 service manual four tools make up the Select tuneup utilities 2012 product key keygen crack section of the Tools panel: Pointer/Select Behind tool: Use the Pointer tool to select objects on the canvas by clicking on them.Vector: The following six tools make up the Vector section of the Tools panel: Line tool: With the Line tool, you can draw a straight line every time.Edit the ray lines on each of the other two frames as well.When you start Fireworks, youll notice that it doesnt create a new document automatically instead, you see something new with Fireworks MX 2004: the Start Page.All path objects on that layer will be selected.Rectangle/Rounded Rectangle/Ellipse/Polygon tool: Create vector shapes by clicking these tools and clicking and dragging on the canvas.Use the new Replace Color tool to swap one color for another wherever you click and drag the Replace Color brush on the canvas.Notice that each one has 2 layers.The Tools panel: A bugs-eye view.On the "rays" layer, use the.
Okay, time to optimize and export.
If you have to use a photo in your animation, try blurring it slightly and reducing the physical size.

DebbieT Page updated on August 19, 2003 Home Contact debbieT Free Backgrounds Xhtml CSS Tutorials Copyright debbieT DisDat Designs Please do not copy or redistribute any graphics or tutorials.You can use the Pen tool to select points and let Fireworks connect the dots, or you can draw the shape yourself with the Vector Path tool.Click the icon or the arrow to activate a pop-up menu so that you can choose from all the available tools.Use the VCR controls to test the movie again.The frames play in numerical order, showing movement on the computer screen.This time, Macromedia threw in tools for removing the red-eye effect from digital photos and remove-and-replace color functions.When the Dialog box appears, choose 3 for number of frames and insert them after the current frame.Use the Reshape Area tool to pull a vector path as if you had grabbed it with your hand.Frames, Layers, and File Size, before we get down to the actual animation instruction, first let's go over some general information.Crop/Export Area tool: Click the Crop tool and click-and-drag to select an area on the canvas to crop an image.Pencil tool : Click the Pencil tool and click and drag to draw single-pixel-width lines.The sun is going to stay the same through out the whole animation, but the rays are going to change.We installed the Windows version, and it was a no-brainer, although you do have to activate the product, either by Internet or by phone.Frame 4 plus all frames in between are selected.Fireworks MX 2004 blends target blank" vector and target blank" raster graphics tools together to produce a potent and flexible program for Web illustration tasks.Knife tool: Click this tool and click and drag a line to cut vector paths in two.
Brush tool: Click this tool to paint on the canvas.

Manuales de Macromedia Fireworks.
An arrow at the lower-right corner of a tools icon indicates that the tool has one or more specialized variations.
For starters, the program finally ditches that microscopic onscreen type that made the interface virtually unusable for anyone over the age.