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Fast food tycoon manual

Unfortunately, Fast Food Tycoon falls below the crack mark in its somewhat uninspiring implementation of this splendid idea.
I think I might have actually enjoyed this game if it food wasn't such a burdensome task.
This does considerable damage to the vehicles competition.
Choose to rob a bank, so racing you patente can get around manuale 50,000 dirty money.Of course, you also need to hire a staff and, most importantly, devise a menu that will attract customers.This then tempts the customers away from your game rivals.By laundering enough, you can drive the rate down to about 6:1 or 7:1.You also select what city to build your establishment in from a list of real world locations.On the right, you can select a Thug, Burglar, etc.If you desire, you can align yourself with organized crime (hence the term "syndicate" in the original title).Mafia ) to meet his/her goals.Select your branch.I was anne constantly searching around unsuccessfully for the correct place to click in order to complete a desired action.Or you could take more drastic action and poison the ingredients, or let voracious woodworm loose on your rival's furniture.The game provides more than 800,000 different character possibilities.OK, so the customers will take note of the poor quality of the cheap branches, but your excellent choice of location will already have driven your rivals to ruin.You may also find your pizzeria the victim alive of a "hit" (rival mobsters will sometimes vandalize fast your restaurant).However, if the player is killed during a syndicate mission, the simulation ends.You can even put posters up near rival branches, to change the minds of hungry passers-by who were planning to give their money to your opponents.Gra oferuje: Izometryczny widok miast i wnętrz (podobny.There's an old teoria adage in business that states, "The customer is always right." teoria You will need to put this ideology firmly into practice to be successful.Fast Food Tycoon is to transform the modest amount of capital (bread, moolah, scratch.You then acquire new customers. For the answer racing to this and other burning questions, read.
A good marketing campaign will make the individual branches better known.