50 cent new day dr dre alicia keys

Verse 2: 50 Cent, now you can get your knees on the church floor, pray it get better.
I got the club rockin, uh, i got your girl jockin, uh, me and Fif still in this bitch.Dre Featuring Alicia Keys - New Day (CDr, Single, Promo) Sell This Version none 50 Cent Featuring.Growing up in poverty aint filled my heart with larceny.I got the street on lock, i'm on automatic pilot, ain't nobody stopping.Hook - Alicia Keys, party people say, party people say.It's probably why my only competition is myself.Niggas ride out on high, I dump to get em offa.I got the street on lock, im on automatic pilot, aint nobody stopping.They from Bel Air, I'm from the bottom.I said, me I get to be on top.The working man is a tough guy.Dre, i woke up this morning thinking bout the old.Im a leader, natural born boss.Im getting bread while I toast to my accomplishments.A-A-A-A-A-A-A-Aye, verse 1:.World is gettin ready, everybodys ready, yeah!
Ayy, its a new day, its a new day, world is getting ready, everybody ready, yeah!
Fuck the past, though I aint forgot where I came from.

Niggas ride, I dont hide, I dump to get 'em off.But me, I got to be on top.The world is gettin' ready, everybody ready, yeah!We going the distance with you party people comeon.Ay its a new day, its a new day.It's off theme patcher for xp sp3 the chain off, off the brain move.Aye its a new day, its a new day.They from Bel Air, Im from the bottom, soon as I spot em I get to drop.Only one I can have a problem with is myself.But try to get up every morning day after day and work for a living.When I was feeling like, miller light and.

Dre Alicia Keys 50 Cent Feat.
Bang, off with ya brain, hook - Alicia Keys, bridge Clocks on the wall Its now or never at all Im gonna give it my all, oh-oooh Whether I rise or fall, oh-oooh 50 Cent True story I said Id get rich or die trying.